Projekte, Xchange HH Madrid 2008
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St. Pauli es el Barrio – Videodokumentation 2008


Videodokumentation von Joachim Jung, 2008

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  1. Ricky sagt

    In the links of the right, it is written „Ricky“ instead of „Rincón Joven“, the place where I work…


    I know you appreciate me, but it’s not my website, it’s from my job.

    I like the video very much.

  2. joachim jung sagt

    thanks for your kind words about the video.

    Indeed, I would like to add subtitels in English. Right now, I am not sure, when I will find time to do it. I guess I have to find a volunteer to do it.


  3. Ana López sagt

    Great work Joachim! I have seen it and I’m proud of that exchange, I guess it has changed our lives in some ways. With this work, we could not forget some of the greatest moments we have spent there! Thank you!!
    It is a pity that we can not understand our German mates, we should take some German classes…lol.

  4. Ricky sagt

    Sorry for be repetitive, but can you change Ricky for Rincon Joven?
    The link is the same, but not the name of the link.

    Thank you.

  5. joachim sagt


    thank you for your compliment. I miss you here. I need someone to translate some more Spanisch. I have filmed an interview with a great Spanish singer.

    take care


  6. Ana López sagt


    If you have any problems with any Spanish translations, just tell me. You can send me the interview and I will translate it into English asap. It will be a pleasure for me so, if you need some help please, tell me. You can contact me at
    Thank you for all!!!


  7. morad sagt

    hola thomas y beyhan
    es verdad me he quedado sorprendido cuando he visto el comentario de 2009 me ha gustado muchisimo es el mejor que ha pasado en el cafe eins euro jam .estoy seguro que no me has conocido soy morad de marruecos ahora estoy españa vivo en granada .hasta luego

  8. klasse video…es hat mir viel spass gemacht…respekt an alle die das möglich gemacht haben……gruzz frost 187

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